Talking to bands on the road

For some months now, we have immersed ourselves in local music scenes across the globe. We have been talking to bands, gathering insights and explaining the FENIX platform to bands.

For all of us, explaining the FENIX platform to others in a simple manner is a constantly evolving process – its a massive undertaking from day one and one that aims to fundamentally change key aspects of the music landscape.

But, through this constant refinement and more importantly, by really listening to our users – bands, artists, third party providers and seeking to address that feedback, the massive potential benefits to everyone within the FENIX ecosystem has become increasingly clear.

Historically, we have found that pitching FENIX as a blockchain project or with a digital token, is ineffective and at times intimidating. Frankly, bands and artists often don’t understand and in many case, are simply not interested – they care about their music and their fans. That’s about it.

We have taken a new approach in explaining FENIX to bands. Which is, we believe that they don’t need to understand the underlying technologies (things like the blockchain and digital currencies) that power FENIX. All they need to understand is how FENIX makes their lives simpler and better.

For bands and artists, all we want is for them to try FENIX and see for themselves how much it helps…

No matter where they are, without proper structure or support, all bands face similar problems….

  • They struggle to make a living off their craft.
  • They have to use an exhaustive number of platforms.
  • The current streaming services don’t offer fair revenue.
  • They don’t have an e-commerce structure to offer products and their music outside of playing shows.
  • They can’t grow their fan bases past the local scene.

Understanding that these problems are universal among up and coming artists, has allowed us to improve how we explain FENIX to artists.

  • FENIX allows you to directly connect with your fans through a consolidated app – one point of contact that you can simply control and which complements everything you are already doing.
  • You will gain access to new sources of revenue to supplement the lack of earnings from streaming your music.
  • FENIX provides the structure for you to be able to offer your music and products 24/7 and globally.
  • FENIX will provide you with access to new fans through the scale of our global platform and through our Fenix.Rising talent platform, allows us to actively promote the best new bands.
  • FENIX is a proposition for the up and comer – its not about the big acts, who are dominating 99% of the plays on other streaming platforms.
  • FENIX gives control back to you – how you interact with your fans, what you offer them and when.

While out gigging recently, our newest FENIX team member and proclaimed ‘Band Liaison’ – Will, suggested to a musician that the FENIX platform simply allows them to ‘manage the band from their laptop or phone’. And he’s right – The FENIX platform gives bands and artists the tools to better manage their offerings and connect with their fans, whilst earning in new and exciting ways.

After delving deeper with that musician, they showed a great deal of enthusiasm and believed that FENIX would be great for independent artists. He said that it was ‘tiring’ to maintain all the platforms a band has to use to engage with their fans. With FENIX, he loved the idea that a band could simply offer everything in the one place, allowing both them and their fans more ease of use and a much better point of connection between them and their fans.

Having bands reciprocate our outlook for the platform is both exciting and reassuring that FENIX will be a resounding success.

We think that FENIX’s point of difference is that the platform is pioneering a revenue model that works for artists and bands that have just hundreds, or a few thousand fans – FENIX doesn’t need a band to have a massive fan base of millions to be able to better earn from their passion.

We think this is central to the adoption of the platform and we expect to see an influx of smaller bands signing up through the band referral program that will be launched shortly.

While the blockchain and FENIX.CASH Token elements are critical to the FENIX platform, the bands just want to try it for themselves to understand if FENIX actually lives up to its promise of making their lives easier – and to everyone’s delight – they will be able to do so by creating their own customised app in the coming weeks.

So, as we push closer and closer to the launch of FENIX, the adoption of the platform by a mass amount of bands is critical, and through our band referral program, we can expect to see an immense amount of activity. Which is extremely exciting!

Keep an eye out on for updates as it’s about to get very busy.

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