Last night we sat down with four of our Foundation artists and road-tested the FENIX Artist Dashboard for the first time. Having spent months to get to this point, its always a little bit nervy, because at the end of the day, no matter how good your proposition is in theory, unless its going to be widely used, you’re doomed to failure from the start…

I am delighted to say, FENIX passed with flying colours – the guys found the interface clear and simple to use and over the course of an hour of trying it out and discussing what it could do, I heard a whole raft of new ideas of how FENIX will make artists’ lives easier, as well as bringing in some real cash.

Sitting down with four local Melbourne acts, President Street, Franjapan, Duan and Sunnyside, each band spent time registering and then building out their FENIX presence. This involved uploading music, videos and merch, adding social media URLs and designing their App – how their band’s presence will look to their fans.

Each of them managed to do this without having to refer to the Help videos for each section, which vindicates our belief that the interface is intuitive and simple to use. Once the bands had created their presence, they spent time to understand the analytics that the dashboard will provide them and in particular were excited to see:

  • locations of all their fans and the activity of those fans geographically in terms of music plays and sales; and
  • information by product and track in terms of what is selling well.

In short, lots of different ways to understand what their fan base is doing in a transparent manner.

Other key things that were hits on the night were the ability:

  • to build a genuine fan community in one place that the bands could monitor and interact with;
  • to have a fully functioning App in no time flat covering everything they wanted to do;
  • to send out a notification to all fans only within FENIX from the dashboard;
  • for third party providers to offer products and services to artists through the Artists Dashboard – with the scale of FENIX allowing deals that wouldn’t be available to individual bands; and importantly
  • to build a pool of FENIX Tokens through a variety of ways that can fund their music needs, all without having to reach into their wallets.

The Artist Dashboard isn’t perfect – I was provided with a number of improvements and tweaks, as well as a fairly comprehensive wish list of things that we will look to implement in the coming weeks.

But what made the evening a resounding success was that each band came at FENIX from a very different angle… and each left with a resounding ‘Hell yeah”!!! There is no question in my mind that FENIX is going to make a real difference in improving the way artists can function and that belief comes from the mouths of the artists themselves…

Watch this space, because it’s all coming together now.