Our Truly Wonderful Global Soft Launch

Those of you who attended know what a wonderful night it was. Those that didn’t will quickly be able to conclude the same by reading what follows. So what transpired and what does it mean?

Prior to the global soft launch ,we had our FENIX appaccepted to the Google Play and Apple App stores.

We didn’t publicize it as we were still testing and enhancing it-and then Corona struck. That app provided a very solid foundation for our quite extraordinary FENIX V4.0 app which we are about to release.


At our Global soft launch, in addition to launching our “full” consumer app in the App stores, we also launched 2 other brilliant pieces of software:

  • Our “STANDALONE” ARTIST WEB-APP – that artists can create in 20 or so minutes and share with their fans with a simple web address of their choice. No need for App stores or cumbersome installation. This quite brilliant piece of software we believe will potentially facilitate a huge amount of virality.
  • Our ARTIST DASHBOARD – that allows artists to not only create their standalone apps but also to manage every aspect of their business.

We enjoyed the participation of some of the leading global business thinkers and strategists – who are our advisors & we are honored to say, good friends:

In a celebration of FENIX being an international platform for artists EVERYWHERE

we had 3 Chinese musicians and 2 Slovakian bands perform


In a wonderful manifestation of the spontaneous enthusiasm for FENIX, 5 unscheduled performances occurred at the end of the evening.

Contributors from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Singapore & Malaysia were able to chat extensively with the 3 founders and FENIX advisors and have any questions they might have had, answered


Just one of our musical acts, Ayinoor (traditional Chinese folk singer), received 38.6 million fan views in 2 days on Chinese social media forher report on our Global soft launch.