Our Amazing BAO PO Launch

By Allan Klepfisz, Co-founder and Chairman, FENIX

My late very wise mother once explained to me that after you’ve been single-mindedly focussed on a pivotal event, pledged all available energy to it and it’s finally accomplished, you can feel an overwhelming sense of emptiness even if you have been spectacularly successful.

In that case, she was forewarning me in regard to my impending graduation from high school,

Thankfully I am not suffering the foregoing as not only have we indeed been extraordinarily successful with our China BAO PO launch, but to preclude any chance of feeling “empty” we have an even bigger event around the corner: our triumphant Global Launch in Bratislava on June 26th, 2019.

So what precisely have we accomplished and what will we imminently accomplish?

We shared the three key, amazing software components of our BAO PO ecosystem with our VERY VIP audience:

  • Our artist dashboard – which enables artists to create a lucrative, unique standalone app in 20 mins and comprehensively manage their business
  • The resultant standalone app – brilliantly designed for virality that can be shared with any number of fans on social media via a self-designated URL and no real installation required
  • Our full BAO PO app – with a MULTITUDE of impressive functionality
The BAO PO Music App – helping fans around the world discover great Chinese and international musicians

This is version 4.0 of our software and with legal and licensing approvals now being attained, we expect to start distributing the BAO PO and FENIX apps very widely during the coming 30 days.

The BAO PO music player – providing fans with direct access to the entire catalogue of their favourite musicians

We amassed music industry support in China that is truly hard to believe – And it will result in MUCH more support and in all likelihood 1000’s, if not 10’s of 1000’s of artists in the short term. We believe these are an important part of the set of preconditions for a dominant APP in China

The room had capacity for 125 VIPs. We ended up with 180+ VIPs including VERY SERIOUS VIPS indeed.

Some examples:

Zhang Xin Wu – very famous movie director speaking about FENIX the strategy to making FENIX dominant
Professor of Music, Shenzhen University (and friend and ardent supporter) , Dr Ken Chang speaking about his and industry support for FENIX
DEAN Shenzhen University Music School speaking strongly in support
Billy Koh – VERY famous music HIT producer of Hundreds of hits across Asia and in China
Professor of Music from Indonesia – Professor Triyono Bramantyo. He wishes to open up Indonesia and the Philippines for FENIX.
Our powerful partner Lu Chang Quan, who is perhaps China’s leading marketing guru

And it wasn’t only about the VIPs… 

More than 60 musicians were in attendance interested to learn about BAO PO and how it could help them as they continue to struggle with ways to reach new audiences within China and internationally.

Real musicians – real questions… more than 60 musicians attended to find out about BAO PO and why it was different
Packed house – we managed to squeeze more than 180 VIPs and musicians into the venue

People  were genuinely interested to see BAO PO working and had questions about how the ecosystem could really help them, without forcing them to give away either control or all of the revenue that they earn.

We had a panel of musicians talk about their real life experiences in the industry, both for themselves and for the next generation of musicians that they are helping get their careers started, and also share their excitement to start using the many facets that BAO PO offers.

Our panel of musicians shared their experiences and joy that BAO PO is finally here to help them…

The launch has heralded the imminent start of the marketing phase in which Master Lu and our BAO PO | FENIX Beijing team can truly demonstrate their marketing superiority.

As mentioned previously, Master Lu regularly publishes significant marketing books, is Professor at three prestigious universities, has taken hundreds of brands to national prominence and will be dedicated to making BAO PO a very high profile brand in China.

We already have an excellent name, logo, and slogan (“MY DREAM. MY STAGE”):

Our BAO PO Logo – the power of a leopard breaking through barriers for musicians today
Artists who wowed crowds with their beatboxing skills at the afterparty
Fans coming to see BAO PO Artists perform and having a great night out

We have finessed how to enter an otherwise impenetrable market with a powerful partner & an extensive board of highly influential advisors.

We intend using our acquired knowledge and the partnership | advisory board model that we have developed in China to allow us to bring FENIX to other key markets in Asia as quickly as possible:


And then other key markets globally.

There is no question that there remains much to do, but we remain laser focused to ensure that we bring FENIX and BAO PO to bands and musicians as quickly as possible.