Our Amazing BAO PO Launch

My late very wise mother once explained to me that after you’ve been single-mindedly focussed on a pivotal event, pledged all available energy to it and it’s finally accomplished, you can feel an overwhelming sense of emptiness even if you have been spectacularly successful. She forewarned me in regard to my impending graduation from high school,

Thankfully I did not suffer the forgoing as not only had we indeed been extraordinarily successful with our China Bao Po soft launch but to preclude any chance of feeling “empty” we had an even bigger event around the corner: our triumphant Global Launch in Bratislava on June 20th, 2019. And while Corona temporarily slowed us down, we are now traveling at breakneck speed with a greatly enhanced proposition.

So what precisely did we accomplish then and what will we imminently accomplish?

We shared the 3 key, amazing software components of our Bao Po ecosystem withour VERY VIP audience:

  • Our artist dashboard which enables artists to create a lucrative, unique standaloneapp in 20 mins and comprehensively manage their business
  • The resultant standalone app brilliantly designed for virality that can be shared withany number of fans on social media via a selfdesignated URL and no real installation required
  • Our full BAO PO appwith a MULTITUDE of impressive functionality

We are now readying version 4 of our software and we expect to start distributing the China version of the extensively enhanced app very widely in about 60 days.

We amassed music industry support in China that is truly hard to believe – And it will result in MUCH more support and in all likelihood 1000’s, if not 10’s of 1000’s of artists in the short term. We believe these are an important part of the set of preconditions for a dominant APP in China

The room had capacity for 125 VIP’s. We ended up with 180+ VIP’s including VERY SERIOUS VIPS indeed.

Some examples:

Zhang Xin Wu very famous movie director speaking about FENIX the strategy to making FENIX dominant
Professor of Music, Shenzhen University (and friend and ardent supporter) , Dr Ken Chang speaking about his and industry support for FENIX
DEAN Shenzhen University Music School speaking strongly in support.
Billy Koh-VERY famous music HIT producer-apparently 300 hits
Professor of Music from Indonesia-Professor Triyono Bramantyo. He wishes to open up Indonesia and the Philippines for FENIX.
Us and famous traditional Chinese music singer, Ayinoor
The LEGENDARY Professor Fu Lin : China Renowned Music composer and educator.President of the CHINA POP MUSICIANS ASSOCIATION ( Can probably get us 1000’s of bands in time) Thesis supervisor of Doctorate Degree of the Chinese National Academy of Arts
Our powerful partner Lu ChangQuan, who is perhaps China’s leading marketing guru

We already have an excellent name, logo, and slogan (“MY DREAM. MY STAGE”):

We have finessed how to enter an otherwise impenetrable market with a powerfulpartner & an extensive board of highly influential advisors. We intend using our acquired knowledge to in as quick succession as possible bring FENIX to.