First Music Ambassadors – China

By Allan Klepfisz, Co-founder & CEO of FENIX

As part of our continuing ramp up in China, FENIX is enormously proud to have as it’s FIRST MUSIC AMBASSADORS, Zhang Muyi and Miki Akama.

Founder & CEO, Allan Klepfisz said:

“As we prepare FENIX for its launch, we want to spread the word in the music community that we are about to offer a music service that its totally different to everything that preceded it. Influential music ambassadors will be a very important part of getting our message out – initially to fellow musicians and subsequently to fans. Zhang Muyi and Miki Akama are perfect examples of fast rising stars, with a highly enthusiastic fan base in China and globally, and also with a true understanding of the potential of blockchain- and with a great future ahead of them”. 

FENIX is focused on improving artists’ income. Especially for the 98.5% not signed to a record label. It allows artists to publish their own amazing app while using the FENIX artist dashboard. The whole process should take less than 30 minutes. This unique app then allows the artist to monetize their existing music, videos, merchandise, tickets etc in ways they have previously been unable to do. The app reflects all their choices: themes, colors, logos and of course features their content.” 

WATCH THIS SPACE as we announce more & more music ambassadors in China and around the world in the coming weeks.

作为我们在中国不断增长的一部分,FENIX非常自豪地拥有首批音乐大使张木易和Miki Akama。

创始人兼首席执行官Allan Klepfisz说:“当我们为FENIX的发布做准备时,我们希望在音乐社区宣传我们即将提供的音乐服务,它与之前的所有内容完全不同。有影响力的音乐大使将成为传达我们信息的一个非常重要的部分 – 最初是给同伴音乐人,然后是粉丝。张木易和Miki Akama是快速崛起的明星的完美典范,在中国和全球拥有高度热情的粉丝群,并且对区块链的潜力有真正的了解,并且在他们面前拥有美好的未来。