Fasten Your Seat Belt….please.

Because FENIX’s business is starting to accelerate. Really accelerate. We are firing on all cylinders.

  1. Tonight we are launching a stunning new website,

    It’s bold, it’s beautiful and it’s highly informative. Read the blogs, watch the videos. And keep on watching as we post videos all the time. From everywhere. We want you to understand what we are accomplishing. We want you to understand us. We want you to be inspired by our mission.
    And if you want to know more, much more, read the White Paper. Or even the truncated white paper.

  2. Tonight we are launching our bounty referral program.

    We’re not immodest. But we are damn passionate about FENIX. And we’re confident that if we introduce FENIX to you, you’ll love it. And want it. And want to share it.

    And you’ll actually be able to have FENIX in your hands, in about 3 weeks or so. So in the meantime, we want to reward you for taking the time to find out how rewarding FENIX is going to be for you. And for helping us spread the word. To your friends. And their friends.

    Here are a list of rewards to tantalize you:

    Verify Your Email 15 FENIX
    Telegram Follow 10 FENIX
    Telegram Share 6 FENIX
    Twitter Follow 10 FENIX
    Twitter Share 6 FENIX
    Facebook Like 10 FENIX
    Facebook Share 6 FENIX
    Youtube Subscribe 6 FENIX
    Google Contacts 6 FENIX
    Email Invite 6 FENIX
  3. Later this week we are launching a bands site: It’s all about Artists. Musicians. Bands. And how we are going to immediately improve their income. Don’t miss it.

  4. And also later this week, we are going to launch a BAND bounty referral program.

    We believe it’s the first of its kind…ever. Anywhere.

    We are going to reward bands for just registering and posting music to listen to and merchandise, tickets & access to sell. Whatever they want. However much they want. No demands. No restrictions. And we will reward bands VERY well. The equivalent of $1000 in FENIX coins. A further $300 for referring another band. We’ll do this for the first 10,000 bands. We expect to be inundated. So we advise all interested bands to move ….FAST.

  5. And this week we are announcing some stellar appointments. In blockchain. In business. In ICO’s. At least 3 more luminaries.

So stay buckled. This week is just the start….as we accelerate to success.

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  1. A truly stunning Site that strongly builds up the excitement towards a revolution in the Music industry.
    Congratulations to the core idea, to the great design and content of the Website, its related White Paper, the Blogs and Vidos as well as best wishes for further accomplishments and big successes. Can`t wait to see and use the FENIX.CASH and the QTRAX.MUSIC APPS just ahead and surely instrumental for the revolution!

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